My name is Channing Hawkins and I am running for the West Valley Water District, 4th District. I am a committed husband and father of three boys. Water is our most critical public resource, and I am committed to ensuring the affordability, safety and reliability of our local water system, not only for now, but for the future.  My experience as an advocate for working people has allowed me to work collaboratively with people of various backgrounds and fight on behalf of everyday people against government bureaucracy.  As a board member, I will be a watchdog to make sure that the West Valley Water District is transparent, accountable, and creates job opportunities that will benefit local families. I am qualified for the position because I am not a career politician and have a track record of service in our community.  I currently serve as a Rialto Human Relations Commissioner, Adult Literacy Volunteer to Colton residents, and as a board member of numerous nonprofit organizations.  I hold Juris Doctorate and Bachelor of Arts degrees from Howard University.  For more information:


Channing Hawkins

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